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The Left: Why It Should Be Saved — Not Abandoned

On February 11, journalist and lifelong liberal Chadwick Moore “came out” in the New York Post — but not as gay (he did that when he was 15). This time, at the age of 33, he came out as a … Continue reading

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Most Americans are Not Moderates; Our Discourse and Politics Should Reflect Our Diversity

Given the intense nature of partisanship and polarization, it is tempting to conjure up an image of the electorate in which a majority of common-sense, moderate voters are trapped between two political parties that represent the extremes of American public … Continue reading

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From Charlie Hebdo to Pamela Geller, the Left Needs to Return to Defending its Principles

Since the shootout that left two gunmen dead in a foiled attack on a Draw Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, the organizer of the event, Pamela Geller, has been the subject of interrogation and criticism. Her critics, especially those … Continue reading

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