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Slouching Toward Palitana: The Case for Ending Animal Slaughter

In 2014, roughly 200 Jain monks engaged in a hunger strike.Their goal: to have the holy city of Palitana, located in the Indian state of Gujarat, declared a “meat-free zone.” A central tenet of Jainism is ahimsa (nonviolence toward all … Continue reading

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Why the Supreme Court Should Rule Against Hobby Lobby

The Supreme Court will soon decide in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby the legality of the mandate under Obamacare that for-profit institutions must insure contraceptive care for their female employees. Dozens of companies have sued the government claiming that the owners’ freedom of religion … Continue reading

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Good is not from God: Sam Harris and the Science of Morality

Two years ago, Sam Harris, who had recently published his book The Moral Landscape, debated William Lane Craig, a Christian philosopher on the question of whether “good is from God.” Harris’s thesis must have seemed nonsensical, especially to the religious audience … Continue reading

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