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Justifying Egalitarianism: G.A. Cohen’s Socialist Critique of John Rawls’ Liberalism

In 1999, President Bill Clinton praised the philosopher John Rawls (1921-2002) – who had just received the National Humanities Medal – for his contributions to liberal political thought. Clinton applauded Rawls for having “placed our rights to liberty and justice … Continue reading

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Islam and the Mother Lode of Bad Ideas: In Defense of Sam Harris

The spat between Ben Affleck, Sam Harris, and Bill Maher on the HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher over Islam has become so heated and escalated that even 10 days hence, it has still managed to survive the erosive force of the … Continue reading

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What, If Anything, Can Justify Inequality?

By now, most people concerned with social justice have memorized their go-to statistic that captures the degree of economic inequality in the United States. Currently, my mind is fixed on the discovery by researchers Piketty and Saez that three-quarters of … Continue reading

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