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The Left: Why It Should Be Saved — Not Abandoned

On February 11, journalist and lifelong liberal Chadwick Moore “came out” in the New York Post — but not as gay (he did that when he was 15). This time, at the age of 33, he came out as a … Continue reading

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#NeverTrump Movement Struggles in Search for New Presidential Candidate

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are both rather unpopular. How unpopular? According to one recent poll, 52 percent of the public views Clinton unfavorably, and 55 percent views Trump unfavorably. Because of this disaffection, a large sector of the … Continue reading

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IVN Exclusive Interview: Jimmy LaSalvia on His Book ‘No Hope’

Jimmy LaSalvia has always identified himself as a conservative, but in 2014, the influential consultant and party activist officially left the Republican Party. His memoir, No Hope: Why I Left the GOP (and You Should Too) recounts his history with the party, his frustration with … Continue reading

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From Charlie Hebdo to Pamela Geller, the Left Needs to Return to Defending its Principles

Since the shootout that left two gunmen dead in a foiled attack on a Draw Muhammad cartoon contest in Garland, Texas, the organizer of the event, Pamela Geller, has been the subject of interrogation and criticism. Her critics, especially those … Continue reading

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Ralph Nader Urges Left-Right Convergence Against…

It is no surprise that the indefatigable Ralph Nader – lawyer, author, consumer advocate, and five-time presidential candidate – possesses a vision for how to energize and mobilize an electorate that feels increasingly dissatisfied and disempowered. His latest effort Unstoppable is essential … Continue reading

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