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Andrew Gripp received a B.A. in International Relations from the University of Delaware and an M.A. from Georgetown University, specializing in Democracy and Governance. His interests include U.S. and international politics, moral and political philosophy, science and religion, and literature. You can find him on Twitter @andrewgripp.

The Textual Roots of Islamic Violence

We’re all familiar with the routine by now. A terrorist attack occurs. Hours later, the world learns the identity of the attacker (or, the identities of the attackers). Then comes the inevitable question, “What was the motive for the attack?” … Continue reading

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Slouching Toward Palitana: The Case for Ending Animal Slaughter

In 2014, roughly 200 Jain monks engaged in a hunger strike.Their goal: to have the holy city of Palitana, located in the Indian state of Gujarat, declared a “meat-free zone.” A central tenet of Jainism is ahimsa (nonviolence toward all … Continue reading

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The Left: Why It Should Be Saved — Not Abandoned

On February 11, journalist and lifelong liberal Chadwick Moore “came out” in the New York Post — but not as gay (he did that when he was 15). This time, at the age of 33, he came out as a … Continue reading

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Faithless Electors Test Power of Parties

On Monday, December 19, electors from across the country gathered to cast the official votes for president. Of the 538 votes that were tallied, seven came from faithless electors – electors who chose not to vote for the nominee who … Continue reading

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Sanders-Backed ‘Our Revolution’ Scores Major Victories on Election Day

In August, just one month after the Democratic National Convention, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders announced the launch of Our Revolution, a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping his progressive movement alive and strong. Among its stated goals are “supporting a new generation … Continue reading

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How Super PACs and Candidates Legally (and Illegally) Coordinate Their Efforts

In its ruling in the Citizens United case of 2010, the Supreme Court decided that organizations that are wholly independent of candidates could spend unlimited sums of money to influence elections because, in the words of Justice Anthony Kennedy, “independent expenditures do … Continue reading

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OPINION: A Single Headline Cannot Contain All the Reasons to Oppose S.D.’s Nonpartisan Top-Two Proposal

In November, voters in South Dakota will decide whether to pass Amendment V. If passed, the measure will institute a nonpartisan primary much like the one in Washington state. Under the proposed rules, all candidates would appear on a single … Continue reading

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